Fixing Loose Electrical Outlets

Loose electrical outlets not only look bothersome but can become a safety hazard real fast if left unattended. So, you might want to get them checked by a professional electrician as soon as possible. Sure, there are cases where you can fix the loose outlet yourself (and we will even tell you how you can do it). But other times, when things are more complicated than they look – it is simply better to just call an expert. Experts will know what to do in that situation. Either way, you cannot live with loose electrical outlets hanging naked in your house. Loose electrical sockets are a dangerous thing. They are a threat to your personal safety and your family’s as well. The potential risk of an electric shock comes heavily with loose electrical outlets and electric shocks can kill you.

How to fix a loose electrical outlet yourself

Step 1: Switch off the main electrical power supply to your house

Shut off the power from your main electrical grid before you do anything else. This will keep you safe from any electric current otherwise. Still, to be even surer – check the loose electrical outlet with a voltage tester before working on it.

Step 2: Unscrew the cover of the outlet and take a look inside

Sometimes, it can happen that only the cover was loose. If this is the case, just screw the cover back on and make sure you tighten the screws better this time.

Step 3: Check the plug

If it is not the cover that was loose, then check the plug. Are the screws screwed on tight and right on the plug? If not – tighten the screws and you should be good to go.

Other more complicated problems with a loose electrical outlet

While you are checking the loose electrical outlet, you might find some more problems with it. If you find any frayed wires, or any scorch marks that are indicative of excessive heat, or broken covers, etc. – just call a professional electrician to come to take a look at the thing. They will be able to better diagnose the situation and tell you more about it. And, of course, they will fix it too. Also, these are the cases where you should not try to do things yourself. If you don’t know what you are doing you could end up hurting yourself and / or causing more damage to your home’s electrical wiring.